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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - Fairy tea - party

מק״ט DV1-03-11-350
מחיר מקורי 282.00 ₪ - מחיר מקורי 282.00 ₪
מחיר מקורי 282.00 ₪
282.00 ₪
282.00 ₪ - 282.00 ₪
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רמת קושי:

It’s an amazing story about a girl named Alice, in which everything is turned upside down. A white rabbit with a watch, a caterpillar and a mushroom, a mad hatter and his bottomless tea mugs, a card queen with her men, and many other objects and characters from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. There are original thematic hooks.