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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - Peace on earth

מק״ט DV1-03-17-700
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רמת קושי:

The details of this majestic set tell about the multifaceted concept of Peace in the life of mankind. World is a manifestation of the Universe, planets, nature, people of the Earth. Peace in relations – in friendship, in harmony with yourself and others. Global order – in stability, security and well-being. Human’s world is in his family, in his country and on Earth.
The set represents the greatest sights of the world: the Statue of Liberty, Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal, the White House, the Acropolis, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Sphinx, the Chinese Temple and the St Basil’s Cathedral. “Peace on Earth” offers you an exciting journey around the world, among authentic symbols and culture, ornaments and decorations, houses and souvenirs, plants and animals.
Stylish cutting of details is of extraordinary beauty.
This set participates in a charity event organized jointly with the World Wildlife Foundation WWF.
20% of the value of each sold set “Peace on Earth” will be transferred to the WWF Foundation. Choosing “Peace on Earth”, you support projects aimed at nature conservation together with us.