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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - Wisteria Moon

מק״ט DV1-04-10-250
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מחיר מקורי 246.00 ₪ - מחיר מקורי 246.00 ₪
מחיר מקורי 246.00 ₪
246.00 ₪
246.00 ₪ - 246.00 ₪
מחיר נוכחי 246.00 ₪
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רמת קושי:

All blossoming of love is in a set filled with scenes from elves life among dragonflies, flowers and butterflies. Lover’s date, gentle handshakes, love letters, an elf carrying a beloved in his arms – with each plot composed of graceful figures it looks like writing a saga of unearthly love. Moreover, a stern king kneels before a wizardly idyll. A voluminous elf's house is assembled from the details of the set.