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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - A ship in the midst of a stormy sea

מק״ט DV1-06-15-380
המלאי אזל
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המלאי אזל

רמת קושי:

The movement of the elements, the breath of the sea, the rolling of thunder and the flashing of lightning — in an incredible nautical set inspired by the light brush of the marine painter Aivazovsky. In the recognizable puzzle pieces, seascapes are revealed: majestic pictures of the struggle of ships with the elements, formidable battles, the charm of calm and poetic seascapes appear before your eyes. The joyful muse of the artist, which is the love for the sea, revives the details, conveying vivid sensations: you will shrink because of the wind, the foaming and the rushing wave, you will shake it off in fright.

Looking at the details of the set, it is as if you are on board of a ship: there is a steering wheel and anchor, a compass and an hourglass, a globe, a kerosene lamp, a bell ... seahorses and stars, a shell and large prefabricated fish (one of them is a shark!). The most attentive will find a mermaid and a bottle with a message.

But be careful: in the open sea you can find not only honest sailors, but also pirates! Jolly Roger, pirate sabers, revolvers and a precious treasure will warn you about their arrival. Wrecks of sunken ships reveal themselves through the blue waves. Will sailors be able to reach the coast? Will another ship pick them up? A ray of light breaks through the clouds, giving hope for salvation - the meaning of all of Aivazovsky’s storms is concluded through the clouds.