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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - The Mustangs. Wild West.

מק״ט DV1-08-02-260
מחיר מקורי 289.00 ₪ - מחיר מקורי 289.00 ₪
מחיר מקורי 289.00 ₪
289.00 ₪
289.00 ₪ - 289.00 ₪
מחיר נוכחי 289.00 ₪
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רמת קושי:

Bedazzling, beautiful, strong, and as fast as the wind, the Mustangs will lure you in with ethereal comic book-like stories.
The wooden pieces, which form an intricate cut of the puzzle, will tell you stories of cowboys and dark mustangs and tales of Native Americans and white mustangs.
Inside the set is a very stylish puzzle.
Look at the folded puzzle from the wooden side - and you will see a new incarnation of the picture within the DAVICI patterns.