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פאזל בצורות מיוחדות - Owls 

מק״ט DV1-21-32-120
מחיר מקורי 162.00 ₪ - מחיר מקורי 162.00 ₪
מחיר מקורי 162.00 ₪
162.00 ₪
162.00 ₪ - 162.00 ₪
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רמת קושי:

Flying and resting, awake and sleeping ... Owls and owls in all their glory!
There are flying and sleeping, wide-awake and resting owls and owlets in all their glory – among branches, acorns and oak leaves in the function of hooks. In addition, there are two owl families in the set: Father owl, Mother owl, an owlet and a baby owl in a stroller are going for a walk. Another couple of owls are hugging their nestling. All the details are stylized as those of a fairy tale